Georg Roske | Splash!
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This is definitely a tribute to my teenage years! With “Damian Davis” I celebrated my prom after Party. With “Jan Delay´s” and “Dendemann`s” sound I shared a lot of lovely days and nights in my school time. Later than I was listening a lot to “A Tribe Called Quest” and still I love this sound.

Well, Chris Berndt, the manager of Marteria asked me for capturing this Reportage in 2016. I found myself in a crowd, backstage and with good old friends. Thanks for pushing me back in my youth in present. I really enjoyed it!


November 7, 2016



A tribe called quest, backstage, Damian Davis, Dendemann, Festival Reportage, HipHop, Jan Delay, Marsimoto, Marteria, portrait, Splash!