Georg Roske | ŠKODA – KODIAQ “Stargazing with the Kodiaq”
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ŠKODA – KODIAQ “Stargazing with the Kodiaq”

This shooting is about the new Skoda Kodiaq. I captured all images on Mallorca in December 2016 by night, which is always a challenge. The story is about the sign of the Kodiaq:

“From asteroids to comets, from stars to planets, from the milky way to a twisting road that leads to the most important stargazing place in Majorca: At the Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca Christian Preuss tells about the secrets of the sky and the Great Bear.”


Client: Skoda. Agency: C3 Agency. Production: Mallorca Special Productions. Creative Direction: Selma Smailagic.


June 7, 2017



asteroid, Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca, Christian Preuss, Kodiaq, lifestyle, Majorca, mallorca, nature, night, Portraits, Salvador Sanchez, Skoda, Skoda Kodiaq SUV, sky, stars, transportation