Georg Roske | Irie Daily – “Selected Catalogue Shootings from 2013 – 2017”
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Irie Daily – “Selected Catalogue Shootings from 2013 – 2017”

We have been busy walking new horizons in order to sharpen our senses and embrace unusual perspectives in this city that seems to expand its limits with every new dawn. On this journey we discovered that Berlin, the place we call home and are so closely connected with, hasn’t necessarily reinvented itself so much; instead it has been casting spells: alluring siren calls of lights and noise, culminating in a metropolitan symphony only perceived by those who know…


Client: Irie Daily. Art Direction & Production: BrandNewHistory Berlin (Sascha Minde & Sven Formann).


November 7, 2016

Berlin, Brandnewhistory, Fashion, Irie Daily, Irie Daily campaign, Streetwear