Georg Roske | Marcus Zierke – “Vampyrotheutis Infernalis”
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Marcus Zierke – “Vampyrotheutis Infernalis”

Often I have the feeling that two hands are not enough to realize what I wanna do or what I have to do. Are you feel the same sometimes  and what would be in in your hands?! This is the choice of Marcus Zierke and also a tribute to Philippe Halsman when he captured Jean Cocteau. Mr Halsman died in 1979 and he is still one of my favorite portrait photographers from the old times. The book (in one of Marcus hands) is written by Vielem Flusser. He is also one of my favorite media theorist. He describes the difference and equality between a special kind of octopus, called Vampyrotheutis Invernalis and the human being in general evolution. Remember that a octopus has even eight arms to feel the difference of life! This fact gave me the name of the portrait session and it was fun to do it.

The classic portraits, which I captured too, are more for showing the quality and intimacy of a long relationship to Marcus. He is a great and professional model from M4 Models. Thanks Marcus for your time, again! Best, Georg.


Model: Marcus Zierke (M4 Models)


November 8, 2017



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