Georg Roske | Casa Cook “Kos”
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Casa Cook “Kos”

“The best journeys come alive with stories. At Casa Cook, it’s the ones we create together. First in Rhodes and this summer we’ll whisk you away to the Greek island of Kos. Our pristine beach location is where our tale will continue to unfold.

Picture this: a long, untouched stretch of golden-sand coast, lapped by the bluest of the Aegean waters. Windswept dunes rise gently and gradually merge with a vast stretch of countryside. Tucked in between all this eye-popping nature: your perfect hideaway with the laid-back vibe you’ll only find at Casa Cook.

To set the scene for your summer escape, our rooms are little enclaves grouped around courtyards and gardens. The cubic, one- and two-storey buildings are contemporary and minimalist, derived from a centuries-old Greek architectural style.

The rooms allow you to kick-back in style and comfort, with large terraces extending into your private outdoor space. Whether you’re a couple or come with friends and family, you’ll find that the hotel’s village-like plan is designed for the perfect balance between private and shared.

Deeply inspired by the Greek parea – a gathering of friends – our open-plan beach club invites you to create your own summer stories. It’s our community hang-out, for like-minded people to connect and live-up life together. At our barbecues, farm-to-table feasts, or just chilling out to cool beats – drink in hand, and toes dipped in the pool. Because the moments you’ll remember, are those you shared with old friends and new ones you’ve made along your journey.”

Client: Thomas Cook 
Art direction: Lambs and Lions Berlin.
Architectural concept and Interior design: Lambs and Lions Berlin in collaboration with Mastrominas Architecture.
Curation & Interior styling: Annabell Kutucu in collaboration with Lambs and Lions.

Client: Thomas Cook. Concept: Michael Schickinger. Interior Design: Annabell Kutucu. Model: Virginie Lentils (Izaio Models). Styling: Peninah Amanda.


April 4, 2017


LATEST, Lifestyle

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