Georg Roske | Lewis – “Studio Time with Munk” for LDWN Magazine
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Lewis – “Studio Time with Munk” for LDWN Magazine

“It’s actually kinda funny how people tend to try to draw comparisons as soon as the music and manifold activities of Mathias “Munk“ Modica start to enter into the spotlight. He’s been called the Underground-Moroder, the Wes Anderson of Club Music, the Pharrell WIlliams of Munich, the Quentin Tarantino of Clubland, the German James Murphy. And while all of this is perfectly right and incredibly outrageous at the same time, all these weird titles certainly imply two things: a) it’s almost impossible to pin him down and b) times sure are busy for Mr. Modica. But then again – it’s hardly been any different since he founded Gomma (together with his former partner Jonas Imbery) some fifteen years ago (…).”



Client: Levis. Published in Lodown Magazine. Art Direction: Thomas Marecki. Styling: Niki Pauls. H&M: Aga Schillert.


November 7, 2016



Advertorial, Georg Roske, Lewis, Lodown Magazine, Matthias Modica, Munk